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Science Tuition
Science is a subject in which a good teacher can make a huge difference…

Sometimes science can be seen as a dry, un-engaging subject, however having the right teacher can breathe life into biology, put a spin on physics and spark off interest in chemistry.

Our science tutors are expert at pulling students into the subject and ensuring they progress by carefully adjusting the content of each student’s course as they learn more.

With such a huge number of resources for each of the three fields of science that children study at school and college, any student will find there is a wealth of information available to them through Charnwood Tutors.

Thanks to the modular nature of our courses, they will also be able to concentrate on their weaker areas of study without needing to go through topics that they already know.

However, covering previously learnt material is also important in learning, ensuring that students have all the relevant information and are able to recall it with ease.

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