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English Tuition
English Tuition – Primary English – GCSE English – A Level English

If you need help with English, Charnwood Tutors may be the answer…

We start your child’s journey with Charnwood Tutors – English Tuition with a comprehensive assessment that identifies where the student needs help. We use the results of the assessment to put together a personal learning plan and our fully qualified staff provide the individual attention and targeted help needed.

We offer English tuition at all levels from KS1 to A Level and we can help with all aspects of English including:

Reading: The general aim of most parents is to encourage students to enjoy reading themselves, we can work on areas such as:

Comprehension Skills
Writing: We teach students a range of writing skills depending on their needs and specific objectives that may include:

Spelling and punctuation
Writing and sentence structure and style
Sentence construction and syntax
We also offer specific help for GCSE and A Level Exam preparation.

Our English tutors share a belief that dedicated, sensitive intelligent teaching is particularly important. English differs from maths and science in that there is often not a definitive ‘right or wrong’ answer. There are some areas of the topic, such as structure and style, which can be open to interpretation and rely on gaining a fundamental understanding of the basics of reading and writing.

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