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About Charnwood Tutors
Our Centre Director

Jo Hammond

Jo has always had a passion for education and helping young people achieve their ambitions. Before starting a family, Jo had a successful career in the legal industry.

Since then she has spent 2 years being a volunteer in a local primary school, listening to the children reading and assisting in the classroom. She also worked as a one to one carer for a little boy with special needs. Joanne has done voluntary work at the LOROS Hospice for the last 2 years, which she enjoyed very much. She is very excited about the future of Charnwood Tutors and helping students to achieve their goals.

In her spare time Joanne enjoys crafts, walking her dog and spending time with family and friends.

Meet the Tutors

Keith Vessey

Keith Vessey

Keith has taught mathematics to the full secondary age range for 35 years and extended this further to include Gifted and Talented Year 6 pupils.

He is highly motivational and believes in “can do” rather than “can’t do” for all age ranges. He uses problem solving strategies to empower young people to take control of their own learning. This has led to success in the class room, with many pupils and students exceeding their target grades.

He has coached pupils and students through the annual enrichment challenges set by UK Mathematics.

As well as leading two mathematics teams, Keith has also been Head of Year and Deputy Head teacher.

Brian Hood

Brian Hood

Brian is an experienced math’s tutor who is dedicated to giving students the highest quality of teaching.

Since being made redundant from his job as a Mathematician/Software Developer in 2012 he has been a self-employed private math’s tutor. He also did some private tutoring in the late 90’s after completing his BSc in Pure Math’s.

Since taking up tutoring again in 2012, Brian has found great satisfaction in his work and loves helping students with what is generally seen as a very difficult subject.

As well as using his own pre-made worksheets, Brian also prepares bespoke content for those students who require it.

Brian has excellent knowledge of the specifications from different Exam Boards such as AQA, EdExcel and OCR, which helps plug gaps that may have been missed, or emphasise content that he believes is very important.

Shannon Cave

Shannon Cave

Shannon has been teaching for 2 years from Pre-school to Year 5. She has taught in many primary schools across Leicester and Leicestershire.

She has a teaching Degree and an Msc in Child Psychology.

Francesca Sanders

Francesca Sanders

Francesca has worked as a tutor for the past three years, covering a range of courses from Functional Skills English and Maths to A Level English Literature. She has a degree in English and is currently working towards her MA in English studies. She uses her knowledge to inspire her students and to further their analytical skills.

School syllabuses require students to engage with complex historical texts, such as Victorian literature or Shakespearian plays, which can often alienate and confuse students. Francesca enjoys dismantling the pretention of these works and making them seem approachable and engaging. Through the dissection of such texts, we explore the key themes and craft insightful interpretations, which are key skills when it comes to English assessments.

Michael Evans

I am a certified teacher and tutor of 5 years. I have an excellent knowledge of the maths curriculum and marking schemes and have taught up to GCSE level in a full time setting for over 4 years.

I am committed to helping any child of any ability to progress and reach their potential. I will develop and inspire them to set and achieve high personal goals and enable them to take ownership of their own learning and to become better all round problem solvers.

I am friendly and down to earth and pride myself on developing a positive rapport with my tutees and their parents/guardians. I believe that it’s important to have an open communication with parents/guardians on their child’s progress.

Joe Scott

I am a qualified teacher of science and have 15 years experience as a full time tutor.
As a tutor I believe that one to one teaching/learning can be a very effective method of achieving higher standards. I have found the great majority of my students have performed much better in their exams after their knowledge and confidence has increased.

I have a relaxed and friendly style of teaching and consistently monitor and motivate the student. I have very effective methods to enable the student to grasp any difficult concepts, eventually concentrating on exam techniques and questions. I have an extensive knowledge of all syllabuses and help the student to take responsibility for their own learning and understand the best methods for learning such as mind maps.

I have experience teaching students with Asperger’s Syndrome and Dyslexia.

Richard Hastings

Hi I’m Richard. The best thing I can do for you as a science student is to develop your confidence and put you in a far better place for achieving what you want and what you need. We can do this by turning a big corner in your understanding of what science is and how it works. We’re not going to try to advance you with more facts and figures but by:

1. Getting you ready and confident for exams
2. Teaching you how science works – we’ll get you starting to really think and talk like a scientist
3. Making your science writing stand out as precise and, well, scientific
4. Seeing science as not really difficult at all.

Not necessarily in that order. Depends on what you need most. If you’re keen, you’ll get this.

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