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Educational Assessments

Do you suspect your child has a learning difficulty?

If your child appears to have a learning difficulty and you suspect that they could be dyslexic, you may decide to pay for an independent Educational Assessment to answer your suspicions.

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Tuition Fees

Learn more about our Tuition Fees for Primary School children, GCSE Fees and A Level Student Fees.

Maths Tutor

Maths Tuition – If you are looking for extra maths tuition then Charnwood Tutors may be able to help. Our maths tutors are all experienced qualified teachers who can really improve your maths understanding, skills and conceptual thinking.

English Tutor

English Tuition – At our Charnwood Tutors Tuition Centre in Loughborough we offer the full range of English tuition for your child.

From Key Stage 3 to A’ level English literature and language we have expert tutors on hand to improve your child’s English skills with excellent exam preparation and on-going subject development.

Science Tutor

Sometimes science can be seen as a dry, un-engaging subject, however having the right teacher can breathe life into biology, put a spin on physics and spark off interest in.
Sometimes the fresh face of a tutor can help more than an existing teacher can. A tutor is someone who may not be tired at the end of the day and with whom the child has no previous history. It can be very successful indeed.
Jessica Shepherd

The Guardian

The benefits of extra tuition lie largely in the fact that class sizes are extremely small, usually with just one or two students, so that learning can be tailored to an individual’s needs. Analysis of one-to-one tuition has shown that on average, pupils improve by around five months over the course of a year.
Nick Pearce


Could my child benefit from tutoring? Your child might benefit from being tutored if: Results / grades / achievements are lower than expected.
Your child’s confidence is slipping and they could do with a boost in a particular subject (or across the board). They need to improve their grades in order to pass a forthcoming exam.

BBC Website

More parents are turning to private tutoring every year. According to the Sutton Trust, nearly one in four state schools’ pupils aged 11-16 in England and Wales said their parents had paid for them to have extra help with their lessons last year, up from 18pc in 2005.

The Daily Telegraph - 2016

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Location: Charnwood Tutors, 7 Charnwood Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire, LE12 9QE

Telephone: 01509 507103